Systems Integration

We have a number of Integration Solutions to ensure that all of your business management applications work in harmony with each other and also to automate information exchange with your customers and suppliers.

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

Eliminate manual data capture

Thyme EDI for Sage 200 Evolution

Our EDI solution for Sage 200 Evolution provides fast and efficient automated data capture of customer orders as well as integration with outsourced warehouses.


  • Automate the download of orders from customer's supplier portal
  • Automate the upload of delivery notes (ASN) and / or invoices to customer
  • Ensure important orders are not missed and given top priority 


  • Automate the distribution of customer orders to warehouse
  • Automate the receipt of pick/invoice confirmations from the warehouse
  • Automate the distribution of purchase orders to warehouse (ASNs)
  • Automate the the receipt of receipt confirmations from the warehouse 


Application Integration

Automate the exchange of Data

We have a number of pre-built integration solutions between Sage 200 Evolution and 3rd party cloud based applications:

Expensify Integration for Sage 200 Evolution

If you are using Expensify to manage expense claims and business credit card purchases, Thyme's Expensify Integration can automate the download of approved expenses from Expensify into Sage 200 Evolution for financial record keeping and re-imbursement. Copies of the original receipt dockets are attached to the financial transaction in Evolution for ease of viewing.


Pipedrive Integration for Sage 200 Evolution

For organisations making use of Pipedrive for CRM or sales force automation, Thyme's Pipedrive Integration can automate the exchange of data between Pipedrive and Sage 200 Evolution ensuring that customer and inventory information is only maintained once and kept synchronised. Eliminate the need for users to edit the same data in both applications.


Xero Integration for Sage 200 Evolution

If you require an integration between Sage 200 Evolution and Xero, the Thyme Integration to Xero solution is what you need. Some examples of how this integration can be used are:

  • Import Orders or Invoices posted in Xero into Sage 200 Evolution
    • If your customers use Xero to place their purchase orders, rather than have them email the orders to you for manual capture, import them directly from Xero into Sage Evolution.
  • Post Orders or Invoices created in Sage 200 Evolution into Xero
    • If your customers use Xero, provide them with the service of having your invoices created directly in Xero as draft bills, eliminating the need for your customers to re-capture your invoices. Get paid quicker by reducing your customer's overhead.
  • Ongoing Integration
    • If you have outgrown Xero and require an ERP solution but have other applications that only integrate with Xero, continue to use them with Xero and have the transactions generated in Xero imported automatically into Sage 200 Evolution, eliminating the need to re-develop 3rd party integrations.



Accounts Payable Automation

Purchase Order Approval

Often those that need to approve purchase orders are not regular accounting software users and require the ability to review and approve purchase orders without logging into the financial application. The Thyme Web Procurement solution for Sage 200 Evolution provides for a flexible approval workflow and the ability to review and approve or reject purchase orders directly from a link in an email.


Automate the capture of supplier invoices

We have options available for automating the capture of supplier invoices by extracting the data directly from the PDF invoice and automating the creation of the draft supplier invoice into your Accounting solution. We have different solutions available from simple data capture automation to full workflows for document coding and approval.



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